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A virtual workshop is geared around delegate needs, so can be 1-2-1; team based or even mixed group. Many areas can replicate the face-to-face workshop experience, but a virtual workshop needs to be more punchy, lower in participant number and with frequent breaks!
We have focussed our virtual offer on the topics which lend themselves best to this environment, and we are rapidly gaining some positive results.
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Insights Discovery: Virtual Workshop

The success of any business is built on the performance of its people. Insights Discovery helps people to perform at their highest level by improving their understanding of themselves, their colleagues and what this means for their performance. People can then easily adapt and connect with others, which leads to workplaces where innovation, creativity and productivity thrive.
Although usually a face-to-face workshop, we have developed a strong virtual workshop which offers the similar learning, awareness and performance improvement opportunities, but without being in the same room!

We use this everyday and it has transformed my team. By far the most positive and valuable Zoom call we have had... and we have had many!


  • Personal awareness of my strengths and blindspots, and how I am perceived by others
  • A personal plan to develop my performance which is appropriate and I own
  • Positive, energised, and motivated attitude to do something with this and improve how I work with others


In a virtual Insights workshop, delegates cover a number of areas:

  • Understand the model, language and application
  • Personal awareness of my style, preferences, strengths and blindspots
  • Focus on what this means for me, in my role, and in my team
  • Personal action planning for immediate application

Tailored to your objectives

The standard Insights workshop can also be tailored to suit you and your specific team needs, e.g.

  • Team Performance
  • Individual Resilience
  • Leadership Behaviour
  • Customer Engagement


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Powerful Webinar Presentations

Webinars and online presentation have become vital parts of the commercial toolkit in 2020. Many of the presentation skills are similar to face-to-face, but in some areas the techniques for audience engagement are subtly different. 
This workshop looks at the elements of superior storyboard design, the key elements of the slide design to support the story, and the personal impact of the presenter.
We deliver powerful webinar presentations


  • The ability to build a coherent and engaging story
  • Slides/supporting media which structure and enhance the story 
  • Awareness of the audience needs for online presentation and how they differ from face-to-face
  • Strategies to engage different personalities in an audience
  • Techniques to maintain focus and engagement through the story


Building the session

  • Objectives
  • Handling Q&A
  • Story telling frameworks
  • Structure & design

Delivering the session

  • Vocal and body language
  • Practice delivery

Tailored to your objectives

Structure of this workshop can flex to accommodate:

  • Enhanced how-to in slide design and Powerpoint skills
  • 1-2-1 coaching of individuals
  • Personal impact
  • Building Influence
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Developing Powerful Plans

A crucial element of Building Powerful Teams is having a supporting set of shared sbjectives, strategic choices, and a plan to deliver them. 
This workshop will help leaders and teams to develop their own coherent plan of action which has ownership, ambition and clarity. The true benefit of a powerful plan is that it is simple, has logic, and aligns the team.
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  • A simple structured strategic plan for the team to align around
  • A well facilitated workshop format which means that your team understand how they got to their conclusions and so feel bought in to the process
  • Clear priorities and understanding of “Why”
  • The team feel ownership


In a virtual Powerful Plan workshop, delegates cover a number of areas:

  • Clarity on where we are now
  • Development of a sketch Vision
  • Making choices on priority areas of focus… for best impact
  • Forming the Vital Few projects
  • What happens, when, and owned by who?

Tailored to your objectives

Structure of this workshop can flex to accommodate:

  • Shape to fit… number of smaller workshops with space between
  • Deeper evaluation of situation, or more focus on clarity of priority action areas
  • Additional focus on communication plan and stakeholder management
Engage Technique

Build Powerful Teams

Engage Technique core focus is on teams… What makes them outperform? What is their culture? What are the structural and behavioural elements that define them? 

This workshop examines the attributes of Powerful Teams, and works through them to look at how your team is performing and behaving in these areas, and finally builds an action plan to address areas of performance improvement.


  • Clarity on the specific attributes of Powerful Teams
  • Your team has has a shared understanding of where you are against these attributes
  • The team have an action plan and toolkit available to improve and develop as a Powerful Team


In a virtual Powerful Team workshop, delegates cover a number of areas:

  • Education and understanding on each of the attributes of Powerful Teams
  • Calibration, discussion and clarity on where we are now, with evidence
  • Prioritising the areas of action, which will deliver best performance improvement
  • Work through possible Toolkits and action plans for those priority areas
  • Team action plan of who/when and what happens next 

Tailored to your objectives

Structure of this workshop can flex to accommodate:

  • Teams who have worked together for sometime but need some refreshment
  • Newly formed teams, in order to establish good practice and “written-rules” in a team charter
  • Supporting a leader taking over a team, in order to understand the culture, ways of working and establish some “groundrules”

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