Case Studies: Building leadership and performance culture

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Mark understood our culture, and spotted the areas we needed help with. His operational background meant he could really help us in areas such as Commercial skills and Leadership /Management grip. The Insights model is now deeply embedded in the business and gives us a solid foundation for teams and culture… it helps us get things done!

HRD, Global Consultancy

Building Talent and Engagement


A well known international brand, having experienced significant growth in last few years was experiencing the growing pains of expansion.Issues such as:

  • How do we assimilate new talent into finding “Our way”?
  • How do we build an aligned sense of purpose and vision?
  • How do we build resilience to cope with the knocks along the way?
  • How do we nurture and keep our talent?
Engage Technique
Using Insights as a base, we held a series of team and leadership group workshops to develop shared understanding of “How it works round here”, both for individual self awareness and for team dynamics.. The team were able to see their behaviour “architecture” and interpret what it means for their strengths and difficulties as a team.
Once we had established a language, we could then develop a common vision and objectives, which then were cascaded through the functions in a series of working meetings in order that ownership and action plans could be established. 
In phase three, Engage Technique were asked to develop and deliver a Performance Academy, covering ten modules such as Strategic Thinking, Management & Leadership, Coaching, Presentation Skills etc. These were targeted at specific development needs in the population and embedded via common language and style of workshop.
To embed this, a specific program of 1-2-1 coaching for selected managers, and workshop Leadership/Management development was developed and delivered. 
Subsequently, the executive leadership team undertook a 360 feedback program, facilitated by Engage Technique where their management team were able to give honest feedback on various aspects of how operationally effective and culturally positive the exec leadership team were, and from this a next-level strategic leadership program was developed to renew the focus on growth and performance.

Skills and Performance Culture


An aviation consultancy with specialism in the valuation and intelligence management of global aviation fleets had a long history of a “command and control” leadership style. After change of ownership, they were trying to establish:

  • A more accountable collaborative performance culture. 
  • A Talent development plan
  • Commercial skills
  • Leadership and Management improvement
Engage Technique
A base for the solution has been building self awareness and common language across the whole business, using Insights as the tool. Every employee goes through an Insights workshop, and new starters are onboarded using Insights. This seeds an open team culture which promotes the individual, and also supports coaching and team conversations using a common language and understanding.
Developed with Engage Technique, this business has also launched a Talent Academy, covering topics such as Communication, Presentation Skills, Commercial Skills,and  Management and Leadership which targets their top High-Potential talent. 
Separately we supported the Consultative Selling Skills of the organisation through training and coaching… both within the Sales function, but also with other client-facing individuals to develop a more effective commercial attitude to Business development. 
Engage Technique also facilitated, designed and managed a company-wide strategic plan through a series of workshops culminating in a company conference to launch and embed the plan. This left the whole business clear on the Vision, Objectives, strategic areas of focus and how this cascaded into their working areas, building commitment and personal actions.
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