Case Studies: Building leadership and performance culture

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Mark understood our culture, and spotted the areas we needed help with. His operational background meant he could really help us in areas such as Commercial skills and Leadership /Management grip. The Insights model is now deeply embedded in the business and gives us a solid foundation for teams and culture… it helps us get things done!

Building Talent and Engagement

A well known international brand, having experienced significant growth in last few years was experiencing the growing pains of expansion, such as:
  • How do we assimilate new talent into finding “Our way”?

  • How do we build an aligned sense of purpose and vision?

  • How do we build resilience to cope with the knocks along the way?

  • How do we nurture and keep our talent?

Engage Technique

Enhancing Organizational Dynamics

Insights and Workshops:
– Building upon insights, we conducted a series of team and leadership workshops aimed at fostering a shared understanding of our organisational dynamics. These sessions focused on individual self-awareness and team dynamics, enabling participants to grasp their behaviour “architecture” and its implications for team effectiveness.

Developing Common Vision and Objectives:
– With a common language established, we proceeded to craft a unified vision and set of objectives. These were cascaded throughout the organisation via working meetings, ensuring ownership and action plans were established at all levels.

Performance Academy Development:
– In phase three, Engage Technique spearheaded the development and delivery of a comprehensive Performance Academy. This initiative encompassed ten modules addressing key areas such as Strategic Thinking, Management & Leadership, Coaching, and Presentation Skills. Tailored to address specific developmental needs, these modules were unified by a consistent workshop style and language.

1-2-1 Coaching and Leadership Development:
– To reinforce learning and development, a targeted program of 1-2-1 coaching for selected managers and leadership development workshops was devised and executed. This initiative aimed to deepen individual growth and enhance overall leadership effectiveness within the organisation.

Executive Leadership Feedback and Strategic Renewal:
– Subsequently, the executive leadership team underwent a 360 feedback program facilitated by Engage Technique. This process solicited honest feedback from their management team on operational effectiveness and cultural impact. Leveraging these insights, a strategic leadership program was crafted to realign focus towards growth and performance excellence.

Through these initiatives, we fostered a culture of continuous learning, development, and strategic alignment, positioning the organisation for sustained success and growth.

Skills and Performance Culture

An aviation consultancy in the valuation and intelligence of global aviation fleets had a long history of a “command and control” leadership style. After change of ownership, they were trying to establish:
  • A more accountable collaborative performance culture. 

  • A Talent development plan

  • Commercial skills

  • Leadership and Management improvement

Engage Technique

Cultivating a Foundation for Growth

Building Self-Awareness and Common Language:
– At the heart of our solution lies is self-awareness and establishing a common language across the entire organisation. Insights workshops serve as the cornerstone, with every employee participating in these sessions. Additionally, new hires undergo onboarding using Insights, cultivating an open team culture that celebrates individuality while facilitating coaching and team discussions with a shared understanding.

Launching the Talent Academy:
– In collaboration with Engage Technique, the organisation has launched a Talent Academy tailored for high-potential individuals. This initiative covers essential topics such as Communication, Presentation Skills, Commercial Skills, and Management and Leadership. By targeting top talent, the academy aims to nurture and develop key competencies crucial for organisational success.

Enhancing Consultative Selling Skills:

– Recognising the importance of effective sales practices, we provided training and coaching to enhance consultative selling skills. This initiative not only benefited the Sales function but also extended to other client-facing roles, fostering a more strategic and commercially astute approach to business development.

Facilitating Strategic Planning:
– Engage Technique played a pivotal role in facilitating, designing, and managing a company-wide strategic planning process. Through a series of workshops culminating in a company conference, the strategic plan was launched and embedded across the organisation. This initiative ensured clarity on the Vision, Objectives, strategic focus areas, and their cascading implications into various departments, fostering commitment and driving personal actions at all levels.

By laying this groundwork and investing in key initiatives, the organisation is poised for sustainable growth, with a cohesive culture, skilled talent pool, and strategic clarity driving its success.

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