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Build Powerful Teams

Commercial Delivery | Talent Retention | Performance Culture

What Engage Technique Do

Powerful Teams

Imagine improving the performance culture and delivery of your team…

NLP Master Practitioner 4-in-1 Certification Training - NLP Training Ltd

  • Individual and Team awareness using Insights Discovery Psychometric,
  • Understanding and improving the performance culture in a team
  • Accredited by ABNLP as NLP Practitioners to deliver breakthrough performance
  • High Performance Team assessments and development program, using the Engage technique Powerful Teams model
  • Leadership and Management skill and behaviour

Powerful Talent

Have clarity on your organisation talent, and support to develop it…

  • Talent mapping and planning

Example Personal Skills Academy:

  • Effective Presentation
  • Coaching skills
  • Followership & Feedback
  • Management Skills
  • Strategic Thinking

Commercial Skills training for groups and individuals:



  • Basics of negotiation
  • Strategic planning for negotiation
  • Behaviour and messaging
  • Trading for value


Powerful Plans

Breakthrough coaching and mentoring for your leaders…


Action oriented, practical strategic planning facilitation

Commercial strategy

Negotiation strategy

Strategic Tender Planning

Organisation and culture plan and communication consulting

We are accredited by the American Board of NLP as licenced practitioners of NLP.

NLP can make significant breakthroughs in leadership belief and purpose, helping leaders to push out of their comfort zone and drive for more ambitious performance from themselves and ther team.

How Engage Technique Do It

Tools which work

We are Licensed Practitioners for Insights, the world’s leading psychometric tool for developing self awareness and more effective performance and engagement, used by…

  • Sports teams around the world, including the England football team
  • Over 70% of FTSE100 companies
  • Large and small organisations and individuals around the world.

NLP Master Practitioner 4-in-1 Certification Training - NLP Training Ltd

We are also accredited by the ABNLP as NLP practitioners, and use associated Time Line Program which delivers breakthrough mindset and performance results.

With these two tools we can understand personal behaviour, team architecture and their context.

In addition, we use a bespoke Engage Technique Powerful Teams and Powerful Leaders toolkit.

Leader, team & virtual

All the Engage Technique team have a previous career managing and running teams, so our style is immediately pragmatic and energetic. We understand the need to quickly get people onboard in order to gain trust and credibility. Without this, openness to personal development and skills improvement is limited and doesn’t stick.

We have a blended approach to delivering solutions

  • Individual, for coaching, mentoring, Plan development, personal skills/behaviours
  • Group, for team dynamics and behaviours, facilitated strategy development
  • Virtual, for times when logistically we can’t get together

Covid-19 has meant that we have quickly adapted our programs and delivery in order to minimise risk. Whilst not ideal, we can deliver individual and team programs virtually with strong positive feedback

To fit your way...

We work with you to understand your current situation, your objectives, and “How it works round here, currently”. This all means we can design the right support, delivered in the right way, in order to maximise adoption.

This sense of personal and partner development also means that larger programs are developed collaboratively and focussed specifically on the improvements and outcomes desired, rather than being a Sheep-Dip approach to corporate training.

We can mix group; one-to-one and virtual delivery support depending on the situation and outcomes.

Engage Technique

Who Engage Technique Are

After 25 years in a number of senior commercial roles, Mark founded Engage Technique in 2015. 

Mark, Ian, Marion and Lori see the world the same way… we believe in working with clients and helping talented teams to grow. We don’t do sheep-dip style training and work with collaborative and ambitious clients.

Mark Whybrow

Managing Director and Founder of Engage Technique

Mark is an experienced leader who has worked across blue chip organisations in the UK and internationally including ABF, Shell, Unilever and Philips. He has operated in a number of senior roles across a variety of functions, and held Senior Sales Leadership, Retail and Strategy roles with both UK and international responsibility.

As well as commercial leadership roles, Mark has worked in Europe as part of a Six-Sigma process improvement organisation within Philips. and a private MBO in the UK.

Mark is a Licensed Practitioner of Insights, Associate of ITZ, an experienced coach, and has also operated as an expert witness to the high court, and a start-ups Mentor for Entrepreneurial-spark.

Ian Graves

Associate Partner

Ian worked in a Blue Chip environment in the corporate world for more than 30 years in sectors as diverse as lighting and healthcare, in both public and private sectors.  He operated in senior roles developing and embedding a strategic vision, growing businesses and creating effective and efficient teams. Ian has extensive experience dealing with large public and private sector procurement processes.

Facilitating people to be the ‘best they can be’ is one of his fundamental passions, and harnessing that to deliver the team vision. Ian understands the importance of culture within a team and how small behavioural changes can make a big impact on the motivation of large and small teams alike.

Marion Hewitt

Associate Expert (Performance Coaching)

Marion is an award-winning coach and trainer. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and draws on her experience in HR working at a strategic level in a range of industries and sectors with a focus on creating enabling workplace cultures to deliver high individual and organisational performance.

She operates both as coach one-to-one with managers and leaders to drive their growth and performance, and delivers workshops to help develop coaching skills, building the benefits of a coaching culture.


Marion is also a qualified Mental Health First Aid Trainer.

Lori Weber

Associate Expert (Presentation & Storytelling)

Communication and presentation are absolute passions of Lori’s and she has had over 15 years as a successful consultant specialising in this field, coaching and training at all levels of business and in many varied organisations.  A dual background in performing arts and a variety of business roles helps her engage with people, and to understand what it is to stand in front of people, the need to form relationships quickly and easily and how to be aware of the messages both our bodies and voices are communicating.

Lori has accreditation in NLP and Insights, tools which form the basis of much of her work.

Engage Technique

People we work with...

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