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Build Powerful Teams

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Powerful Teams

Imagine improving the performance culture and delivery of your team…

NLP Master Practitioner 4-in-1 Certification Training - NLP Training Ltd

  • Individual and Team awareness using Insights Discovery Psychometric,
  • Understanding and improving the performance culture in a team
  • Accredited by ABNLP as NLP Practitioners to deliver breakthrough performance
  • Our High Performance Team assessments and development program utilize the Engage technique and the Powerful Teams model to optimize team dynamics and enhance performance. Through meticulous assessment and strategic interventions, we foster collaboration, trust, and accountability among team members, aligning them with organizational goals.

    Additionally, our Leadership and Management skill and behavior enhancement initiatives empower individuals with essential competencies for effective leadership. We focus on communication, decision-making, and conflict resolution skills, alongside fostering self-awareness and reflection.

    By integrating these approaches into our programs, we facilitate transformative growth, enabling leaders and teams to unlock their full potential. Our goal is to equip them with the capabilities to navigate challenges, drive innovation, and achieve sustained high performance in today’s competitive landscape.

Powerful Talent

Have clarity on your organisation talent, and support to develop it…

We can support Talent mapping and planning involving identifying and developing key skills within the organisation. We can then use that to build a talent program bespoke to the organisation needs, for example a Personal Skills Academy. This could focus on enhancing various competencies such as effective presentation, coaching skills, followership & feedback, management skills, and strategic thinking.

In commercial skills training, both groups and individuals are equipped with essential competencies. In sales, the focus is on mastering the fundamentals of the sales process, effectively engaging customers, understanding buyer psychology, and crafting compelling selling narratives. Negotiation training covers foundational negotiation principles, strategic planning techniques, effective behavioral strategies and messaging, and the art of trading for mutual value. This comprehensive approach ensures participants grasp the core concepts while honing their practical abilities, enabling them to navigate complex business interactions with confidence and success.


Powerful Plans

Breakthrough coaching and mentoring for your leaders…


We provide comprehensive support for managers and leaders through coaching and mentoring services tailored to different career stages. Whether it’s early-stage management mentoring, talent development coaching, or senior-level leadership coaching, we offer a balanced approach that combines objectivity, extensive experience, coaching expertise, and cultural awareness. Our goal is to build a supportive environment while also challenging individuals to think critically and take action, even in challenging areas. By fostering this balance of support and provocation, we empower leaders to navigate complex situations with confidence and drive positive change within their organizations.

As licensed practitioners of NLP accredited by the American Board of NLP, we specialize in leveraging Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to facilitate significant breakthroughs in leadership belief and purpose. Our expertise in NLP enables leaders to expand beyond their comfort zones, fostering a drive for more ambitious performance from both themselves and their teams. Through NLP techniques, we help leaders unlock their full potential, enhance their communication skills, and cultivate a mindset geared towards success. By incorporating NLP into leadership development, we empower individuals to overcome obstacles, embrace change, and achieve remarkable results in their personal and professional endeavors.

How Engage Technique Do It

Tools which work

We are Licensed Practitioners for Insights, the world’s leading psychometric tool for developing self awareness and more effective performance and engagement, used by…

  • Sports teams around the world, including the England football team
  • Over 70% of FTSE100 companies
  • Large and small organisations and individuals around the world.

NLP Master Practitioner 4-in-1 Certification Training - NLP Training Ltd

We are also accredited by the ABNLP as NLP practitioners, and use associated Time Line Program which delivers breakthrough mindset and performance results.

With these two tools we can understand personal behaviour, team architecture and their context.

In addition, we use a bespoke Engage Technique Powerful Teams and Powerful Leaders toolkit.

Leader, team & virtual

Our Approach:

Pragmatic and Energetic: All members of the Engage Technique team have prior experience managing and leading teams, ensuring our approach is immediately pragmatic and energetic.
Focus on Trust and Credibility: We recognise the importance of quickly earning trust and credibility to facilitate openness to personal development and skills improvement.
Blended Solutions: We adopt a blended approach to delivering solutions, catering to various needs:

  • Individual: Offering coaching, mentoring, plan development, and personal skills/behaviours enhancement.
  • Group: Facilitating sessions on team dynamics, behaviours, and strategy development.
  • Virtual: Providing virtual solutions for situations where physical meetings are impractical.

This comprehensive approach ensures effectiveness and flexibility in addressing diverse client needs while fostering a culture of continuous improvement and development.

To fit your way...

We work with you to understand your current situation, your objectives, and “How it works round here, currently”. This all means we can design the right support, delivered in the right way, in order to maximise adoption.

This sense of personal and partner development also means that larger programs are developed collaboratively and focussed specifically on the improvements and outcomes desired, rather than being a Sheep-Dip approach to corporate training.

We can mix group; one-to-one and virtual delivery support depending on the situation and outcomes.

Engage Technique

Who Engage Technique Are

Mark Whybrow

Managing Director and Founder

Mark is a seasoned leader with a rich background spanning various blue-chip organisations in the UK and abroad, including ABF, Shell, Unilever, and Philips. Throughout his career, he has held numerous senior positions across diverse functions, encompassing Senior Sales Leadership, Retail, six-sigma change, and retail and business model Strategy, with both UK and international portfolios.

In addition to his commercial leadership roles, Mark has contributed to process improvement initiatives within Philips while based in Europe, as well as participating in a private Management Buyout (MBO) in the UK.

Mark’s professional repertoire extends beyond leadership, as he is a Licensed Practitioner of Insights, an Associate of ITZ, and an accomplished coach. Furthermore, he has lent his expertise as an expert witness in high court proceedings and  is a pro-bono mentor for start-ups within the Entrepreneurial Spark program.


It was a goal from an early age to try to prove himself nationally and internationally, but also to launch a business in the area of team development. So far, so good!

Terry Morris

Senior Associate

With over 25 years of experience in building, developing, and transforming sales organisations, Terry brings a wealth of expertise to his work. As an accredited coach, he uses his skills to collaborate with individuals and businesses, driving change management programmes effectively. His background includes providing personal career and life coaching, as well as leading the training and re-engineering efforts of large sales teams.

Terry has worked in a number of well-known names in the technology sector, such as IBM, HP, and O2/Telefonica. Outside of work, he values his role as a husband and father of two children. He strongly believes in the connection between personal and business values. In his spare time, Terry volunteers his expertise in the not-for-profit and local government sectors, aiming to make a positive impact beyond the business world.

Marion Hewitt

Associate Expert (Performance Coaching)

Marion is a highly acclaimed coach and trainer, winning several prestigious awards. As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, she brings a wealth of expertise derived from her extensive HR background. Marion has held strategic HR roles across various industries and sectors, with a particular emphasis on fostering inclusive workplace cultures to enhance individual and organisational performance.

In her capacity as a coach, Marion works closely with managers and leaders on a one-to-one basis, guiding them towards personal and professional growth and improved performance. Additionally, she conducts workshops aimed at cultivating coaching skills, thereby promoting the adoption of a coaching culture within organisations.

Furthermore, Marion is a certified Mental Health First Aid Trainer, underscoring her commitment to promoting mental well-being and resilience in the workplace.

Lori Weber

Associate Expert (Presentation & Storytelling)

Communication and presentation are at the core of Lori’s professional passions. With over 15 years of experience as a successful consultant in this field, she has excelled in coaching and training individuals at all levels of business across diverse organisations. Lori’s unique blend of expertise stems from her background in performing arts, coupled with her experience in various business roles. This dual perspective enables her to effectively engage with people, comprehend the nuances of standing before an audience, swiftly establish rapport, and adeptly interpret the non-verbal cues conveyed by both body language and vocal tone.

Lori holds accreditations in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Insights, which serve as foundational tools in much of her work. These methodologies empower her to deliver impactful coaching and training interventions, fostering enhanced communication and presentation skills in her clients.

Engage Technique

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