Commercial skills and process

sales ladder

Build a performance sales organisation through well executed plans and capable people. Support with inspiring leadership, effective management and appropriate process.

We offer organisational capability consulting, bespoke Sales and Negotiation training, and coaching and mentoring for teams and Sales leaders. We cover areas such as effective sales skills, questioning and listening, building attractive proposals, negotiating price (and other tradeables), and closing. We use the Insights model to coach relationship and behaviour skills to make the whole customer engagement more effective.

All or some of this can fit around your current sales process, or form the base for developing your own sales competencies and process within your organisation.


-Organisation capability

-Leadership and control of sales teams

-Basics of selling/influencing

-Effective Negotiation

-Robust, practical tools for managing your sales team

-Sales for Non-Salespeople… equip other parts of your organisation to influence customers both internal and external

…which means that you get a positive outcome more often and a sustainable improvement in organisation capability

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