Chris Craig, Commercial Director, The Silver Spoon Co.







Silver Spoon had undergone a period of significant change during 2015, and there was a need to develop a more engaged team behaviour and leadership ethos within the sales and marketing leadership team. Mark took them through some group and individual working sessions to understand themselves, the team environment they operate in, as well as gaining clarity on the challenge of leading a significant size team of people to deliver an ambitious plan. Equipped with this awareness of “where we are now”, the team then worked through a plan of how they were going to step up and deliver together…


“Having worked directly with Mark for three years at Associated British Foods I had no hesitation asking Mark to work with my new leadership team when he set up Engage-Technique.  Mark’s energy and inclusive style never fail to engage a room as he quickly begins to challenge, provoke and stretch people’s thinking.  Mark’s work with my team delivered immediate impact and results for both individuals and the collective business unit.  Anchored by a set of simple yet highly effective models and frameworks, Mark’s breadth of experience enabled my team to quickly identify the challenges they faced in moving from managers to leaders – both individually and as a collective.   Mark has a skill that truly enables people to unlock their potential and break down some of the barriers in behaviours that have held them and their teams back from being truly successful!

Mark will have a significant positive impact on your people and your business results.”

Chris Craig, Commercial Director, The Silver Spoon Company