Coaching with purpose…


Engage Technique can provoke true breakthrough, capability step-change and performance improvement.

Purposeful one to one coaching with Engage Technique uses classic coaching techniques, alongside Leadership tools and know-how which can together drive breakthroughs in individual’s thinking and approach. 

The use of Insights Discovery, EBW emotional intelligence model, and the ITZ 360 tools give a robust base to coach individuals in their strengths, but more importantly to zero in on “blind spots” and challenge areas.

These one-to-one programs can be ad-hoc, ongoing or as part of a more structured talent program alongside team and group training and development.

These one-to-one approaches can give benefits in:

- Clarity: Help to strip out noise and get to the heart of delivery

- Motivation: Refreshing and action oriented

- Performance enhancing: A mix of Challenge and help with Leadership & Management solutions drives significant personal improvement