EI: Emotions and Behaviour at Work


The EBW model focuses on the emotions and the underlying behavioural traits that predict success in leaders, teams and organisations. Designed in and for the occupational domain, it is a practical, work based model of Emotional Intelligence (Business Emotional Intelligence or Business EQ) that helps individuals and teams understand why people behave the way they do and how to maximise their engagement with, and performance at, work.

The key to the model is self awareness and awareness of others; how this explains peoples’ capability to manage their emotions and behaviours and what effect it has on their potential and their performance. Business Emotional Intelligence is about understanding why we feel and act the way we do and managing those key emotions/behaviours that determine success in different work situations.

The EBW Emotional Intelligence model focuses on eight emotional behavioural clusters (scales) that reflect that capability. The summaries of these are described below.