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Case Study: : Building leadership and performance culture

A very well known international brand, having experienced significant growth in last few years was experiencing the growing pains of expansion. Issues such as:

  • How do we assimilate new talent into finding “Our way”?
  • How do we build an aligned sense of purpose and vision?
  • How do we build resilience to cope with the knocks along the way?
  • How do we nurture and keep our talent?

Using Insights as a base, we held a series of team and leadership group workshops to develop shared understanding of “How it works round here”, both for individual self awareness and for team dynamics.. The team were able to see their behaviour “architecture” and interpret what it means for their strengths and difficulties as a team.

Once we had established a language, the Leadership team could then develop their common vision and objectives, which then were cascaded through the functions in a series of working meetings in order that ownership and action plans could be established. Engage Technique designed, facilitated and supported these sessions and ensured consistent output.

In phase three, Engage Technique were asked to develop and deliver a Performance Academy, covering ten modules such as Strategic Thinking, Management & Leadership, Coaching, Presentation Skills etc. These were targeted at specific development needs in the population and embedded via common language and style of workshop.

To embed this, a specific program of 1-2-1 coaching for selected managers, and workshop Leadership/Management development was developed and delivered. Without this, old habits would quickly return…

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