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Engage Technique : High Performance Teams and Leadership thinking

As a client, you want a consultant who understands what you are trying to achieve, and treats your situation as unique but with access to tried-and-tested tools. You want to have a focus on tangible results, and have empathy with your particular culture.

With the benefit of a significant career leading operational teams, our consultants understand what you are trying to achieve. Often, team development approaches focus on either the tangible (Targets; Strategy; KPIs etc) or the human element (culture; engagement; behaviour)…the priority of the Engage Technique approach is to support the development of powerful teams by taking a considered and balanced approach. This means that the development is more effective and sustainable.

Engage Technique

What Engage Technique Do

Assess and Build Powerful Teams

Practical help and best practice support in assessing and building high performance teams. Covering areas of environment, behaviour and attitude using the Engage Technique HPT model.

Core responsibility of Leaders is to put in place the conditions for the highest possible performance from the their team. This includes getting the best from the individuals in place now, and looking at developing talent in the future.

We use Insights Discovery as a reliable tool to offer a language for teams to develop within. We also use our own High Performance Team model to support the assessment, development and maintenance of teams to move from “performing” to High Performance.

To find out more, contact us mark@engage-technique.co.uk

Leadership and Management Development

Coaching and training Leadership and Management capability to deliver ambitious plans through effective teams. Practical application for new-to-management, middle management skills, or senior leadership building the tools and behaviours to deliver sustained performance.

  • Practical understanding of Leadership vs. Management  (without the Management-Handbook complexity…!) and assess current challenge areas.
  • Support for personal leader behaviour development
  • Leadership strategy, goals and plans
  • Practical management tools which work with individuals and teams

Bespoke group, coaching-with-purpose and mentoring programs can step change the practical leadership capability in your organisation…

To find out more, contact us mark@engage-technique.co.uk

Commercial Skills and Process

We offer organisational capability consulting, bespoke Sales and Negotiation training, and coaching and mentoring for teams and Sales leaders.

We cover areas such as effective sales skills, questioning and listening, building attractive proposals, negotiating price (and other tradeables), presentation training and closing. We use the Insights model to coach relationship and behaviour skills to make the whole customer engagement more effective.

All or some of this can fit around your current sales process, or form the base for developing your own sales competencies and process within your organisation.

  • Organisation capability
  • Leadership and control of sales teams
  • Basics of selling/influencing
  • Effective Negotiation
  • Robust, practical tools for managing your sales team
  • Sales for Non-Salespeople… equip other parts of your organisation to influence customers both internal and external

…which means that you get a positive outcome more often and a sustainable improvement in organisation capability

To find out more, contact us mark@engage-technique.co.uk
Engage Technique

How Engage Technique Do It

Insights Behavioural Preference Tool

Licensed Practitioners for Insights, the world’s leading psychometric tool for developing self awareness and more effective performance and engagement.

Insights Discovery uses a simple and accessible four colour model to understand an individual’s unique preferences. It measures these preferences based on responses to a short online evaluator. One of the outputs is a 20 page personality profile, which identifies strengths and areas for development.

Insights Discovery has its roots in the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, and is has been registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and their testing centre (PTC). It is continually validated and refined to ensure it is always accurate and deeply insightful.

Insights Discovery is used by many of the worlds leading organisations, in public and private sectors and is trusted to deliver behavioral awareness which can be a key input into delivering capability improvements.

Self awareness of style, and how this fits with situation and team context, is the base for development management, leadership and team capability.

Team and Group Development

In many cases, the development of Management and Team skills is best done through small group/team training. This allows a cohort to learn and grow together, and also maximises the adoption of better ways of working and some of the new language and thinking which develops. The sense of “we are in it together” provokes some really healthy peer group development.

Bespoke programs in all the areas of Leadership and Management can be tailored for groups as appropriate. We have seen great results from these programs when spread over a number of sessions, allowing reflection and embedding to happen, whilst also acknowledging that the day-job still needs to get done.

These programs never result in a “Big-Folder” which gets put on the shelf and forgotten… The value is building skills whilst getting participant’s “head in the right place” to execute their plans brilliantly.

Facilitated sessions or one to one, our style is inclusive, energetic and professional. Learning and developing needs to be a mixture of inspiration, motivation, and an appropriate level of uncomfortable self examination!

Engage Technique

Who Engage Technique Are

Engage Technique was founded by Mark Whybrow in 2015, and in the years since then, has worked on national and international assignments with a variety of different businesses, large and small, across a range of markets. We offer practical support to leaders and organisations to build more effective delivery through powerful teams.

Mark Whybrow

Managing Director and Founder of Engage Technique

Mark is an experienced leader who has worked across blue chip organisations in the UK and internationally including ABF, Shell, Unilever and Philips. He has operated in a number of senior roles across a variety of functions, and held Senior Sales Leadership, Retail and Strategy roles with both UK and international responsibility.

As well as commercial leadership roles, Mark has worked in Europe as part of a Six-Sigma process improvement organisation within Philips. and a private MBO in the UK.

Mark is a Licensed Practitioner of Insights, Associate of ITZ, an experienced coach, and has also operated as an expert witness to the high court, and a start-ups Mentor for Entrepreneurial-spark.

Marion Hewitt

Associate Expert (Performance Coaching)

Marion is an award-winning coach and trainer. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and draws on her experience in HR working at a strategic level in a range of industries and sectors with a focus on creating enabling workplace cultures to deliver high individual and organisational performance.

She works are as coach one to one with managers and leaders to drive their growth and performance, and delivers workshops to help develop their coaching skills, to build the benefits of implementing a coaching culture.

Lori Weber

Associate Expert (Presentation & Storytelling)

Communication and presentation are absolute passions of Lori’s and she has had over 15 years as a successful consultant specialising in this field, coaching and training at all levels of business and in many varied organisations.  A dual background in performing arts and a variety of business roles helps her engage with people, and to understand what it is to stand in front of people, the need to form relationships quickly and easily and how to be aware of the messages both our bodies and voices are communicating.

Lori has accreditation in NLP and Insights, tools which form the basis of much of her work.

Engage Technique

Clients We've Worked With

Sector agnostic…all about teams. 

Engage technique have worked with a number of organisations, large and small, across many industries, across the UK and into Europe. We have a high level of repeat business, as well as over 90% of projects and clients coming through positive referral. We have delivered workshops and projects as training partner as well as strategic consulting and facilitation.

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