Insights Behavioral Preference

Insights Behavioural Preference Tool Licensed Practitioners for Insights, the world’s leading psychometric tool for developing self awareness and more effective performance and engagement. Insights Discovery

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Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management Development Coaching and training Leadership and Management capability to deliver ambitious plans through effective teams. Practical application for new-to-management, middle management skills, or

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Build Powerful Teams

Build Powerful Teams Practical help and best practice support in assessing and building high performance teams. Covering areas of environment, behaviour and attitude using the

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Commercial skills and process

Commercial Skills and Process We offer organisational capability consulting, bespoke Sales and Negotiation training, and coaching and mentoring for teams and Sales leaders. We cover

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As a client, you want a consultant who understands what you are trying to achieve, and treats your situation as unique but with access to tried-and-tested tools. You want to have a focus on tangible results, and have empathy with your particular culture.

With the benefit of a significant career leading operational teams,  our consultants understand what you are trying to achieve. Often, team development approaches focus on either the tangible (Targets; Strategy; KPIs etc) or the human element (culture; engagement; behaviour)…the priority of the Engage Technique approach is to support the development of powerful teams by taking a considered and balanced approach. This means that the development is more effective and sustainable.