Building Powerful Teams

Find out more about the COG System for Powerful Teams here: The Cog System is a basis for developing powerful teams through the characteristics of

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Leadership and Management

Developing Leadership and Management capability to deliver ambitious plans through effective teams. Practical application, coaching and training. –Practical understanding of Leadership vs. Management  (without the Management-Handbook

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Capability Consulting

  Bespoke consulting on the capability and organisation effectiveness of your commercial team. You get clarity on the key heart and head attributes of your team,

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Commercial skills and process

Build a performance sales organisation through well executed plans and capable people. Support with inspiring leadership, effective management and appropriate process. We offer organisational capability consulting, bespoke Sales

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As a client, you want a consultant who understands what you are trying to achieve, and treats your situation as unique but with access to tried-and-tested tools. You want to have transparent measures to ensure there is tangible results, but have empathy with your particular culture.

With the benefit of a significant career leading operational teams, the priority of the Engage Technique approach is to support the development of powerful teams by taking a considered and balanced approach. Many team development approached focus on either the tangible (Targets; Strategy; KPIs etc) or the human element (culture; engagement; behaviour).

Using The COG System for Powerful Teams, The Engage Technique assess first what the context and needs of the team are, then focus attention in these areas depending on need. This means that the development is balanced and therefore sustainable.

The critical factor is that the process is always owned by the leader and the team, and always feels honest, collaborative and positive. It is never, ever, done-to-you…